Trichome is a medical cannabis project with a vision of becoming one of Europe’s leading suppliers of flower and extracts over the coming years. A team of industry experts combined with advanced growing, processing and monitoring technology will enable the cultivation of product of the highest possible standard.

Trichome is committed to improving the quality of life for patients through the research and production of Cannabis strains for treating any relevant condition. Partnerships with leading medical professionals, clinics and universities provide opportunities to be a producer with significant insight into current and upcoming clinical applications of cannabinoids.

Trichome seeks to expand into the growing markets of Europe, closely monitoring changes in legislation to ensure maximum compliance with all regulatory requirements and strictly abiding by all EU-GMP and GACP regulations. Traceability of crop genetic traits, early detection of pathogens and complete monitoring from seed to shelf ensures consistent high-quality produce that satisfies all regulatory requirements.


Cannabis Industry Journal

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Suite 7, Level 5 Berkeley Square House,
Berkeley Square,
London W1J 6BY,
United Kingdom

Email: info@trichome.health